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President wants Linden issues revisited.

It took him 5 days after the shooting death of the 3 linden protestors by the Police to address the nation but in that address last evening, President Donald Ramotar said he is now willing to discuss the increased Linden electricity tariffs and will in fact be setting up a technical team to not only review those increases but to listen to other options being put forward. It’s a complete turnaround in the administration’s position over the past few months, a position that saw very little dialogue with concerned citizens.

The President made the point several times in his address to the nation that there could not be fruitful discussions under the current tense climate at Linden, where protestors continued to block the roads today for a straight 7th day, not only protesting the shooting death of the 3 protestors last Wednesday but the issue that got them all out on the streets in the first place, the electricity tariff increases.

Mr. Ramotar said several sections of the business community are already hurting as the road blocks at Linden have affected travel to interior mining districts. Today the Leader of the Opposition David Granger said the President’s statements may not be enough.

The President is also being criticized by Lindeners for not visiting the community since the incidents of last Wednesday. Other government officials have also not visited the community

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