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World Aids Meeting to open

As the global economic crisis deepens and funding decreases for the HIV fight in countries like Guyana and in the Caribbean, they will have to start looking at new avenues to support their HIV programmes.

Juliette Bynoe-Sutherland, the Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV and AIDS Director believes the only way to sustain the regions efforts to combat the virus is for countries to use national resources to support their ongoing programmes. She said it would allow some Caribbean nations who depend heavily on international funding to be self sufficient.
The PANCAP Director said emphasis is also needed to take HIV out of isolation and integrate it into a broader discussion for all sections of society since behaviour is not easy to change.
PANCAP will be one of the many organisations that will be representing and promoting the region’s work in the area of HIV/AIDS at the 19th International AIDS conference.
The organisation will be pushing for the HIV agenda to be expanded with attention on poverty, inequality and human rights in order to effectively tackle the virus.

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