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Protests Continue at Linden, Roads Blocked

As residents of Linden continue to block several streets today, the GDF was forced to dispatch one of its helicopters to transport the bodies to the city of the 3 men who were killed during Wednesday’s protest when the police opened fire. The post mortem on the bodies will be conducted in Georgetown. There were concerns at Linden that relatives were not informed of when the post mortem examinations would be conducted so that they could stand as witnesses.

Residents of Linden continued their protest action today for a 3rd straight day. Fires were set to old tires and debris all across the town. Old vehicles were also used to block the entrances into the community. As far as Amelia’s ward, the first community you enter upon reaching Linden, roads were blocked and residents cried out for justice for the 3 persons who were shot dead when the police opened fire to break up the protesting crowd on Wednesday.

The Government last evening removed the Commander who overlooked the deadly police operation from the area. Capitol News understands that two other senior police officers have also been removed from the area. Assistant Police Commissioner Gavin Primo has since been dispatched to the community to overlook the operations.

Capitol News understands that the Assistant Commissioner will most likely take a different approach to dealing with the protests, an approach that might not be too confrontational but rather one to ensure that law and order are being maintained and that there is once again a level of trust between the police and the residents.

There continues to be widespread condemnation of the police force’s action at Linden. A number of persons remain hospitalized after they too were shot with live rounds. The police used tear gas, pellets and live rounds to break up Wednesday’s protest action. 3 persons laid dead when the police seized fire.

That may be a difficult task as residents continue to complain about the action of the police force.

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