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There’s a heaviness and great sorrow hanging over the Linden community this evening following the tragedy that broke out last evening when the police opened fire on protestors at the Mackenzie Wismar bridge with tear gas, pellets and live rounds. That action by the police left 3 persons dead, all with gunshot wounds according to medical officials who were on duty at the Mackenzie hospital. Over 12 other persons were injured. It was pandemonium at the hospital and through the streets of the town as residents said the action by the police was uncalled for.

The dead were identified as Ivan Lewis, Ron Sommerset and Shemroy Brouet. One of the men has a number of gunshot wounds to his back. Eyewitnesses said when the police opened fire many persons were running away from the scene and still the police kept on shooting at them.

At the home of 44 year old Ivan Lewis who was gunned down, his 79-year-old mother could barely be contained. She said her son was her everything and now she doesn’t know if she will be able to survive.

The dead man’s sister overcome with grief said her brother was out in support of the protestors and should not have been shot down by the police. She said her family is a poor one and they need justice.

At the Mackenzie hospital today, several persons remained hospitalized with gunshot wounds to their bodies.  36 year old Yolanda Hinds and 34 year old Alishaa Barker were still trying to get over what happened. They were both shot. Yolanda was shot once to the leg while hinds received two gun shot wounds to her thighs. There is still a bullet lodged in her left thigh.

Last evening following the shooting by the police, fires were set to a number of buildings including the historic Linmine Secretariat building. That building was completely gutted by fire. Last evening too, fires were set to a number of trucks and on the roadways as news spread of the death of the 3 persons.

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