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Police target nightspots for drunken drivers.

The Guyana Police Force traffic department will be targeting nightspots in an effort to curb the lawlessness on the road and drinking and driving.

Traffic Chief Brain Joseph said while accidents occurred for a number of different reasons his department has observed that a lot of young drivers consume alcohol and drive around without due care and attention.

And as the Guyana Police force traffic Department continues to be criticized by mini-bus operators over the force’s decision to remove those mag rims. Traffic Chief Brain Joseph said that issue is the width of the rims, which according to him is a breach of the conditions of the road service license.

Some drivers defended their right to use mag rims on their minibuses saying that the rims give the vehicles better stability.

Some drivers told us that in most cases the vehicles are imported with the mag rims.

 Joseph said the ongoing campaign by the Traffic department has borne fruit and pledged to continue to keep the country’s roads safe.

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