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Lindeners shut down town in protest of new rates

The Town of Linden appeared more like a Ghost town today as residents joined forces with the business community and launched a shut down Linden protest, a move against the increased electricity rates that went into force from the 1st July. Several stores and businesses all across the community shut down their operations to allow employees to join the protest and to offer their support. Even the Bosai Bauxite company allowed its employees to take the day off to join the protest. Residents intend to continue their shut down Linden protest for the rest of the week and the business community appears in full support. The public transportation system in the town also came to a halt as operators pulled their Mini buses and hire cars off the road. Even the boats which traverse the Demerara river between Wismar and Mackenzie anchored away from the Landings.

Hundreds of residents gathered at the Wismar Mackenzie Bridge to make known their opposition of the increases.

The protests they said is not a political issue but rather a people issue.

Pensioners and single parents say they will be the hardest hit by the increases. Pensioners of the bauxite company benefited from reduced electricity costs as part of their pension package having retired from the bauxite operations. Single parents say with the reality of the huge unemployment rate in Linden and low salaries, meeting the high electricity bills is something they would be unable to do.

Region 10’s chairman Sharma Solomon today told Capitol News that the rest of Guyana might only now be waking up to the reality that is Linden. The regional member of parliament Vanessa Kissoon shared similar views.

The Lindeners continued with their protest for the entire day and say they plan to continue for the rest of the week. They have planned 5 days of the shut down protests.

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