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Home Affairs Ministry admits knowing of Corrupt Cops

With the Police Commissioner calling on police officer who may be corrupt to turn in their badges, the Minister of Home Affairs appears to be turning his attention to Kaiteur News. In a release issued late Monday, the Home Affairs Ministry accused the Kaieteur News of paying police officers big bucks for information. According to the release, every reader of the newspaper knows that and the Ministry also said it knows who has been leaking information to the press about an ongoing investigation involving some police officers and alleged kick backs they got from the purchase of a boat by the police force, a a 16 million dollar boat that is still to go into service.

But although the Ministry indicated all that it knows with regard to Police officers taking bribes to leak stories to the newspaper, the ministry has not said what it intends to do to deal with the problem, since it is aware that the problem exists.

Since the police commissioner issued that call for corrupt cops to turn their badges in, there have been no reports of any police officer following that particular order.

The police force has been coming under the microscope over a number of recent cases of corruption which could involve both junior and senior ranks. There are reports that police officers especially those on patrol would lead the corruption pack.

There have been known cases of them taking big sums of cash to not arrest persons when caught in unlawful acts. Just over the weekend reports surfaced about the police seizing a high powered gun and a large sum of cash from a man during a search. Instead of taking the man into custody, reports state the man was let go, his cash held onto and the gun taken into the police as if they had found it.

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