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Could this be one of 15?

The Guyana Government has revealed that it is still investigating fifteen cases under the Mutual assistance in Criminal matters mechanism. The Home Affairs Ministry last week declared that it only seeks information for important investigations The Ministry did not cite even one case where conclusions were arrived at and people at this end charged based on the significant information received.
Just last week, a US Federal judge ordered in a case in which Guyanese were involved, that one of them Kwame Richardson could not get a new trial because the evidence clearly satisfied the elements of importation of cocaine from Guyana into the United States.
The case of Kwame Richardson detailed in clear and precise terms, telephone numbers that are available to the Guyanese authorities to identify who received the calls at this end.

The US case surrounds the discovery of several kilos of cocaine in suitcases belonging to a passenger named Amy Leitch. Richardson was sent by a man named “Bonnie” to pick up the drugs from Leitch. In addition to the phone records the US court heard and it is listed in the court transcripts that the courier met a police officer (the documents refer to individual as a lieutenant) in Guyana through Bonnie several years earlier, and the police officer was the leader of the narcotic smuggling organization in Guyana. Richardson’s cellular phone records, demonstrated that there were several phone calls between Richardson’s cellular phone and a Guyanese phone number on December 3, 2009 some over twenty-five calls. After one call of those calls a man named “Roger,” Leitch’s family member in Guyana who had given her the drugs to take to the United States, told Leitch that he had “just talked to the guy” who was to pick up the drugs from her in the US.

It is not clear at this end of the Atlantic whether anyone has been charged in this extant case. But for several narcotic cases over the last two decades or so, very few if any persons have been detained, arrested, charged, convicted or even extradited for various narcotics cases that occurred overseas.

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