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Civil Society Grouping asks Acting Chief Justice to recuse himself.

A civil society grouping headed by attorney Philip Thomas is moving to have the acting Chief Justice Ian Chang recuse himself from the “Budget Cuts” case brought by the Attorney General. Here’s the reason, the group through its attorney Mortimer Coddett says the Acting Chief Justice cannot really rule on the case because he is acting. The grouping known as the Guyana National Council on Public Policy is contending that both the Chancellor of the Judiciary and the Chief Justice have been acting for over five years and that is in contravention of the Constitution. The grouping went on to say in court documents that by not making the substantive appointments the Judicial system is being held hostage and is under duress thus repeatedly contravening the Guyanese citizen’s fundamental, civil, economic, political and social rights and for which the Judiciary is mandated to guard and protect blindly.

The Guyana government wants the Constitutional Court to decide that the Legislative Arm as a result of the Majority in the national assembly could not amend or change or cut any line item in the Budget. The AG is saying the National Assembly could only approve or disapprove of the budget but not change items within it since that is a function solely of the Executive branch of Government.

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