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Guyanese students not being allowed to leave Cuba

Several Guyanese students who have just completed their studies in Cuba say would like to know why the Guyana Government may be keeping them there a little longer and why others have been restricted from leaving the country all together, a move that may have also been done by the Government of Guyana.

A number of medical students have contacted this newscast from Cuba indicating that they have completed their 7 years of studies but still have no clue why they are still being asked to remain longer in the Caribbean island. The Guyana Government has apparently left instructions that they remain there until further notice and those who are still studying not be allowed to leave the island on vacation although that would be at their own expense.

Some of the students have told Capitol News that they have been making repeated efforts to get information from the Guyana embassy in Cuba but they have not gotten much help. Today a number of them gathered at the embassy hoping that they would be provided with some sort of explanation.

Efforts today to get a comment from the Public Service Minister who is responsible for the Cuban Scholarships were unsuccessful.

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  • Bociah

    As a Guyanese who have migrated to Canada but grew up in Wakenaam Essequibo among the Peoples of East Indian hetigare, I must congratulate them on their resilience and faith in over coming many adversities; not unlike those of other indentured ethnic groups to foster a cohesive and harmonious existence.Thus making Guyana a place not only to call home but a place where a shining example can be seen promoting PEACE for all.


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