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It is a car, no a boat, no a fraud!

After a revealing expose in the Kaieteur News about the auction of vehicles the Home Affairs Minister appeared more upset that he was the last to know that a probe was completed than what the probe really revealed.

Now the Home Affairs Minister has taken umbrage at the fact that a local newspaper appeared to have gotten wind of the results of the investigation and he is also upset at the Investigators the Office of Professional responsibility. It appears that the Minister thinks they are irresponsible.

So He decided to take another tactic, divulge information on an irregular boat transaction that from the Minister’s view was another bad transaction. The Minister said that it was a scam by a few individuals within the police force and his who received kickbacks and a company called Cartronics surrounding the purchase of a 30ft ocean worthy boat which was handed over by the Ministry of Home Affairs on August 23, 2012 to the Guyana Police Force at a cost of $16,974,000 (nearly 17 million). The local persons were required to repay the kickback money while the overseas supplier fixed the boat but it never sailed again and is now up for auction.

The Executive arm of Government though its Cabinet made a no objection to a Company that apparently no one ever researched properly and the country lost hook, line and sinker a 17 million dollar boat that simply would not sail away!

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