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Corbin will not give endorsement ahead of PNC Congress

Later this month, the Peoples National Congress will meet to elect its new Leader. A number of persons have been nominated but Opposition Leader David Granger and former Finance Minister Carl Greenidge are the two leading Candidates with Granger picking up the bulk of the nominations heading into the Congress.

Granger has said adding the PNC Leader position to his plate would not be too much since as opposition and apnu leader he believes the roles are connected to each other. Carl Greenidge who is the opposition’s point man on finance believes it may be too much for just one person to deal with.
The Leader of the PNC is an important position. The PNC makes up the largest block in the APNU and continues to have a strong base. The current leader of the PNC Robert Corbin said he would not give a public endorsement but would support whoever gets the nod from the party’s members when they meet late this month.

When asked about his decision to not run again for leader but still run for a position on the executive, Corbin said he does not want it to appear as if he is all together abandoning the party he has served for decades.

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