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NCN Suspended Programme Director leaves country even as probe continues

Two weeks after the government decided to ask the NCN Chief executive officer to leave the job and suspended the programme director, it’s still unclear what other action might be taken. Suspended Programme Director Martin Goolsarran has since left the country even as the investigation continues and even as NCN is still to get back the over 3 million dollars that he collected from GT&T and deposited into his private account claiming that it was for another tv station that he had contracted.

Usually when investigations of this sort are taking place especially at the government level, moves would be made to ensure the person at the center of the probe remains in the country during the probe. No such moves were made this time and with the NCN board now dissolved it’s unclear whether the investigation will even continue. There are reports that Goolsarran is expected to return sometime in September from his Miami vacation, just in time to return to work after his 2 month suspension. There are also reports that he might be demoted upon his return.

As this newscast reported the GT&T cheque issuance was just one of the worrying financial issues at NCN, there are still issues over the purchases of equipment and whether the company is really getting its money worth.

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