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Wanted Bulletin Can be issued for fugitives from other ports

Even as more fugitives from the US and other countries continue to use Guyana as a hiding place from prosecution, the Guyana police force which seems helpless to bring these suspects to justice is now saying if the suspects are in Guyana’s  territory wanted Bulletins can be issued.

Over the years several persons have jumped  bail on drug trafficking and other offences, only recently a US citizen fled that country and landed at the Cheddi Jagan international airport after it was alleged that he murdered another Guyanese youth in Queens.

And most recently a Guyanese man who is said  to be the prime suspect in the murder of the Trinidad and Tabago teenager Nikita Ramischand reportedly fled the country and is hiding  here.

What is proving difficult for the police according to them is getting the necessary information on these suspects, but this information is available online in some cases.

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