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Ralph Ramkarran resigns from the ruling PPP after being insulted by another party executive

It has been four days since Ralph Ramkarran shocked the ruling People’s Progressive Party with his resignation. And it seems he is saying nothing more than the one line he handed the party Friday evening. Ralph Ramkarran hailed as one of the most credible voices in the ruling party. Wrote a single line and ended his five decade long relationship with the party.

The decision came after Ramkarran was insulted by another party executive. They were rowing over an article Ramkarran had written in which he called out his Government on corruption; saying it was pervasive and something needed to be done. But that did not go down too well with the rest of the party’s hierchy and hence Friday’s meeting, the heated argument.

Friday night, without saying anything else all Ramkarran said was that he was resigning from the party – no other explanation, and he is keeping quiet on the resignation, refusing any interviews to go into details. The party’s executive is hoping that Ramkarran will reconsider his action as according to the party; there is no fundamental disagreement on any policy issue.

The PPP related that Ramkarran felt insulted by the remarks of another member and left the meeting before it concluded. The offended remark was withdrawn by the member and an apology was also offered, the PPP stated.

In a statement Monday the PPP called Ramkarran a long standing and highly respected member who has made valuable contributions to the party and the country as a whole. There is no indication whether or not Ramkarran is reconsidering returning to the PPP. Ramkarran and his family have been around in the party for decades. He has been with the PPP since 1962 himself, becoming a central committee member in 1974 and a member of the central executive in 1975. He had left Guyana in 1972 to pursue further studies overseas.  His father Boysie Ramkarran was a founder member of the PPP.

Ralph Ramkarran served two terms as speaker of the National Assembly but was denied a third, when the opposition controlled parliament did not give him the vote.

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