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Garbage disposal delayed.

Some citizens in the capital city can brace themselves for garbage pile up as the Georgetown city council struggles with mechanical challenges with some of their trucks and related equipment used to haul garbage.

The council is saying that they regret the garbage pileups around the city since there has been a delay in garbage collection services in a number of areas including West Ruimveldt, East Ruimveldt, North/East La Penitence, and other portions of the La Penitence area, North and South Cummingsburg, Alberttown, Queenstown, Woolford Avenue, Lamaha Park and Lamaha Springs.

This latest development once again exposes the many problems facing the municipality. At present the council is saying that are strapped for cash. Just recently town clerk Yonnette Pluck told capitol news that some the trucks used for garbage collection were experiencing electrical problems. She said having an electrical engineer devoting most of his time to fix the problem is proving difficult.

Through the government subvention the council was able to source 7used trucks that have been at the center of a bitter row between the Keith Borrowers implementation commission and city officials.

During an assessment conducted by consultant of the commission Raymon Gaskin he accused the council of not trying to have the vehicles operational, but the town clerk immediately fired back at Gaskin.

Meanwhile the Public relations department of city hall is appealing to those residents who are affected by this snag to hold their garbage as its Solid Waste Management Department continues to work towards a solution . Council anticipates that the situation will return to normal within another few days.

Garbage collection continues as per schedule in all other areas of the city of Georgetown according to the council

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