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Georgetown Chamber of Commerce objects to boycott calls

The President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce Clinton Urling has issued a call for the political group Youth Coalition for Transformation to rethink its strategy when it comes to calling for the boycott of businesses.

Urling’s latest call in in the form of a letter to the press in wake of the latest call by the YCT for there to be a boycott of the Jamzone event and conservative spending at other events.

In a letter to the press, Urling said countries can only achieve economic prosperity that benefits its people through the realization of high productivity. This productivity comes from two primary sources: government spending and investments and private sector activities. Therefore, it is difficult he added to fathom and justify why any group or organization would call for the boycotting of productive private sector activities that lead to overall development and prosperity of our society.

The YCT believes for there to be change, there would need to be some sacrifice, referring to the small businesses that stand to lose money when there are boycott calls of events they look forward to.

But the youth group which pushes itself as an independent group free from the local political parties in Guyana may not be whipping up much support this time around.

Jamzone is Guyana’s premiere entertainment festival and will stretch for a number of days in August. It’s one of the times of the year that small business owners and the tourism and hospitality sector look forward to because of the influx of visitors. Already airlines have increased their flights coming into Guyana in July and August because of the large number of persons travelling for vacation and the festival.

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