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Airlines in race to secure New York/Guyana Market.

The airlines plying the New York/Georgetown market are seeing a busy travel season and it may have come earlier than expected. Over the last month, all 3 carriers, Caribbean Airlines, Delta and EZ jet have seen a surge in the number of passengers so much so that some of the airlines have already increased the frequency of their flights between New York and Georgetown but there is another battle brewing, one that travelers might be enjoying.

The airlines have been competing more with their prices and so persons traveling to or from New York are finding themselves paying close to 25% less for a ticket than what they would have paid last year around this same period. Of course the availability of seats has the final say.

There is also a battle with bags; Caribbean Airlines and Ez jet have been trying to lure passengers to their service with their baggage allowances. Caribbean Airlines is now allowing you to carry a few pounds extra while EZ jet is offering you a third checked in suitcase.

But with the airlines now matching each other’s fares there is concern now about whether that’s fair game. Sources close to EZ Jet say they are concerned about the fare matching since the older carriers are allowed to do so since they could source cheaper fuel out of Guyana while EZjet has no choice but to buy the more expensive fuel here. EZ intends to raise the issue with the government even as it gets ready to enter the Toronto market.

Other airline sources say there is nothing to worry about and EZjet should not be concerned especially since it continues to bring in full and almost full flights.

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