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University Workers back on the picketing line over better working conditions

Only a few month ago workers at the University of Guyana held several picketing exercises complaining about the present working conditions at the institution. On Wednesday they used their lunch period to stage a picketing exercise  to once again raise several burning issues that they say just wont go away

Overcrowded lecture halls, shortage of lecturers, unhygienic washrooms, slow and no internet access are just some of the many problems faced by workers at the University.
Members of the University of Guyana Senior Staff Association and the Workers Union supported the exercise saying that the time has come for the University’s Administration to pressure the Council into improving their working conditions.
The long serving employees at the University have made it clear that they are willing to go the extra mile to have their voices heard and demands met.
UG’s Senior Staff Association Vice Chairman, Dr Melissa Ifill said she does not see why the Council is not cooperating with the workers union to address the many concerns of workers.
The picketing exercise is expected to last for six days after the council’s  negotiating team was expected to meet earlier this week to begin talks on the demands for workers but that meeting never took place.
There have always been the concerns raised by the workers union and the student body of the University about the major political influence that the current administration has on the Council.
At the beginning of the year similar industrial actions were taken at the Turkeyen campus when the administration there did not renew the contracts for a number of lecturers.

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