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Unclean alleyway causing major concern with nearby schools and a church.

This alleyway located between Quamina and Church Streets is like most alleyways in the city, silted and overgrown. It is a major concern because of the catchment area through which it passes.

 Nearby schools, St Roses High, St Agnes and to an extent St. Angelos would usually be affected when the water from the alleyway increases. This drain is unique since it is passes through the St Roses High school compound and leads right through to the North Road Canal. But with the build up of silt and the overgrowth, classes at the schools are affected most times especially when it rains heavily.
There is nowhere for the water to run and the yards in the area within minutes are covered with the unhealthy waste water from the drain which poses a serious threat to the wellbeing of students.
But that is not the only issue with St Roses High School. It is affected from water above and below. The roof and windows are in need of repair the classrooms are affected and classes are usually suspended according to students.
The school is also faced with the issue of over crowing like most city schools and teachers are finding it hard to control the large number of students.
Immediately behind the school Pastor Vanrick Berestford has a church is in the area. He explained that his place of worship is also affected from the flooding.
The City Mayor has made some promises, officials within the Central Government have also indicated that they will make efforts to not only de-silt the area but pay attention to what needs to be done to get this High School and other schools repaired.

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