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Lindeners fight electricity rate hikes.

The government has made clear its intention to increase the electricity tariffs in Linden from the 1st July. Lindeners however continue to object to any such move and today Region 10’s Chairman Sharma Solomon along with the region’s two parliamentary representatives made clear their position. Solomon said the PPP government has failed consistently over the past 19 years to take any form of development to the region. Unemployment is at an all time high and citizens just cannot afford to pay any increases at this stage. He said it is not that the Linden rates are too low, but the rates for the rest of Guyana are too high and Linden should not be made to pay for that. The APNU intends to now take the issue to the National Assembly.

Residents of the bauxite community believe the government decision to increase the rates now is payback for their decision back in November to vote overwhelmingly for the opposition. Reality is many Lindeners say, they are in no position to pay new rates that will see their bills being increased by as much as 300%.

Already businesses in the community are worried about the increases and the impact it will have on them. Bauxite pensioners who in the past enjoyed a significant reduction in their electricity bills as part of their retirement package will now be forced to put out more money, money that they might not have.

There is the need for the Government to treat communities and industries across the country on the same level, Solomon said.
The regional democratic council is in the process of starting a consultation process across the community looking at realities of linden, economic and otherwise, the community’s underdevelopment and ways of conserving on power consumption. When that document is completed, it will be handed over to the Government and Opposition.

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