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Police Force tests $30M water canon.

The Guyana Police force invited the media today to show off just how that water cannon it bought to deal with protest and riot situations work. The police force may be regretting its decision this evening.

The demonstration appeared more like a comedy jam from the very start. First the water cannon got stuck in the National Park’s soil, the commissioner had to chip in to offer some help.

Then the Police Force brought in some recruits to play the role of protestors to show just how powerful this 30million dollar piece of equipment was with breaking up a protest. And so, they released the powerful force of water.

At one stage, the recruits playing the role of protestors appeared to be enjoying the work of the water cannon in all its glory.

Still Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee defended the purchase.

Critics said the Government should have used that 30 million dollars it spent on the cannon to buy equipment that could better aid the police in the fight against crime. Guyana has hardly seen violent protests over the past 5 years and in fact for 2012, it has been the government leading protests in the city, against those  budget cuts.

And so the demonstration continued, the recruits danced in the rain like force of the water canon and their only discomfort this evening might be a fresh cold.

It was a comedy of errors at the Guyana Police Force’s  first demonstration of the water cannon  at the National Park. It started all wrong for the lawmen when the vehicle got stuck and ranks had to be called in to  push the vehicle. When the demonstration started it clearly showed that much more work is needed to properly handle the vehicle, water was misdirected into the tree rather than on the police trainees  who were acting as protesters.

Many believe that the money spent on the canon could have gone to purchase better equipment for the force to deal with the upsurge of crime, particularly on the high seas and in the interior regions.

The Canon was procured  for just around 30millions dollars, just around the elections  period last year.

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