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Hydroponic vegetable training.

In response to combating climate change hydroponic vegetable production is now being promoted as an alternative for small scale food production. A one day training session was conducted by Partners of the Americas and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture to raise the level of awareness about the technology last Friday.

Hydroponic is an alternative for the growing plants without the use of soil since emphasis is placed on the nutritional needs of the plant which are better trapped in water according to the facilitator Jermaine Joseph. He said the goal of the project is to improve the economic welfare of rural households.
The facilitator said hydroponic is beneficial since the growth cycle of plants is shorter and it eliminates the use of pesticides and other chemicals.
During the session participants were given hands on training developed with inputs from existing hydroponic operators on the best practices for producing vegetables. Other similar events are expected to be conducted later this month.

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