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Pegasus Manager said his Hotel is being sidelined.

Pegasus owner and managing director Robert Badal pointed to the current Caribbean Tourism Week programme currently underway in New York. That event brings together the major players in the tourism industry. BADAL said his hotel was excluded as part of the delegation.

He said The exclusion of Pegasus Hotel from the delegation is no surprise since just recently, the hotel was not invited to the Sustainable Tourism Development Conference held in Guyana.

The Pegasus he said received neither communication nor invitation from the Minister of Tourism to this delegation. Adding that, even while being the local market leader, his Hotel has never received any commununication from Minister Irfaan Ali since he has taken over the responsibility for the sector.

Badal said the Minister must be reminded that he is paid from, and is spending taxpayers’ resources, not his own, and therefore has a duty to all players in the local industry to represent their interest without any discrimination. Any favor to one player, and discrimination against another, is an abuse of his office for which severe sanctions must be imposed he insisted.

According to the Pegasus owner, it all started under the Jagdeo administration whereby the former President was openly promoting the business of Princess Hotel by directing various Ministries to send their business to that Hotel.

He said he was hopeful that following the 2011 election, the new Donald Ramoutar’s administration would ensure a better investment climate for the Hospitality Industry, removal of discrimination, and a level playing field for all.

Badal reminded that the Pegasus Hotel is the largest investor in the local hospitality sector, employs the largest number of persons, and pays the most in taxes, in excess of $400m in VAT, Corporate and payroll taxes.

He said Minister Ali’s action has clearly demonstrated that he has failed to bring any kind of leadership to this sector and would therefore inspire no confidence among leading players and as such should be removed from overlooking tourism.

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