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Opposition not worried about court action.

A Partnership for National Unity, the APNU believes the move to the courts by the government to address the cuts to the national budget may be showing that the administration is still stuck in a pre November 2011 mode. APNU today said the government while not supporting the budget cuts fully supported the final budget which was passed and put into law. Therefore the party finds the entire move to the courts as very strange.

The APNU members of parliament believe all the administration may be attempting to do is trying to divert attention from other issues facing the country and issues that the people care about.

The government in its arguments in the latest move to the courts is saying that it is either the entire budget is passed or rejected and there should be no cuts. The opposition parties have indicated that the laws of Guyana and particularly the standing orders of the national assembly both cater for cuts to the national budget. The opposition believe the government’s move is tantamount to an abuse of power and the justice system. The Speaker of the National Assembly also openly criticized the government for moving to the courts over the work of the parliament saying the move could lead to a constitutional crisis.

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