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Delta passengers get landing scare.

Passengers aboard an incoming Delta Airlines flight got a little scare of their life when the aircraft touched down, hitting the runway twice and the pilot decided to abort the landing and take off immediately heading back into the skies to make another approach. That approach was all well and good and the plane landed safely.

Some Passengers on board the flight which arrived here early Sunday morning were shaken but there were no complaints of any injuries. Initial reports are that the pilot may have missed the correct landing spot and decided to head back out since there may not have been enough space for the jet to completely land with no incident.

Delta’s headquarters were informed of the incident after reports surfaced in the Stabroek News. The aircraft took off for new York just hours after and airport sources said there were no complaints about anything on the flight though the incident has been documented.

It was in July of last year that a Caribbean airlines flight overshot the runway upon touchdown heading thorough the airports fence and almost on the road below. In the Caribbean airlines incident, aviation sources say pilot error is to be blamed. The Guyana Civil Aviation authority came to the same conclusion. However the probe into that incident which left the aircraft broken in two is still ongoing.

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