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Former President Jagdeo still involved

Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon today confirmed what this newscast reported earlier this week, that former President Bharrat Jagdeo has been around meeting with officials of some government agencies and projects and even overlooking parts of the one laptop per family project.

Dr. Luncheon sought to explain the former President’s role, pointing to him being there because of the type of projects that were affected by the budget cuts under the Public sector investment programmes.

This newscast reported that that the former President has been sitting in on a number of meetings and giving directions in some instances. He has been paying keen attention to the one laptop per family project, one of the projects that was rolled out during the last few months of his time in office.

Additionally Mr. Jagdeo has been making a number of international trips, those trips all paid for by the government of Guyana. Dr Luncheon said costs would be covered when he is representing Guyana’s business.

Upon leaving office, Mr. Jagdeo had said he would not be seeking any official role but would make himself available if the government needed his help. Some government officials and contractors for government projects were recently left surprised when they turned up for various meetings only to find the former president sitting in on those meetings and making requests of them.

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