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Jewellery stall at the Stabroek Market Robbed

Security at the Stabroek market is now being  questioned by a stallholder after she was robbed of  an undisclosed amount of gold and diamond jewellery and cash. According to Radika Samuels bandits broke into her stall from the roof of her building torched the safe where the articles were kept  and made a clean sweep of the items.

The woman had beefed up security following a robbery at the same stall some years ago and she is alleging that the security company told her that the alarm installed in the building went off and when the security firm arrived on the scene they were denied access.

Samuels said this latest action will certainly force her out of business.

She said the business has been operational for decades and getting back on her feet will be a lost cause since all of her years of hard work has gone into the hands of criminal elements.

A sign artist was rushed to the Georgetown hospital after the concrete sign he was painting came crashing down after been hit by this truck.

According to reports the truck began developing mechanical problems earlier in the day. One of the porters on the vehicle said that the driver told him that the spring cut so he lost control of the vehicle.

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