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Woman beaten to death by reputed husband.

Domestic violence continue to spiral out of control in this country and now its spreading from coast to coast with deadly results. Just as persons were getting over the shock of yesterday’s gruesome slaying of a Berbice hairstylist, a 38 year old mother of 4 was this morning savagely beaten to death by her reputed husband. This latest incident took place at parika and has stunned the community. The woman identified as mohanie gobind was beaten to the head and about the body with an iron pipe by the man she once loved. The man was taken to the hospital after he ingested what is believed to have been a poisonous substance. There are reports that he later died.

The woman’s 21 year old son still devastated by the gruesome death of his mother said he does not know of any problem his mother was having with the man. He said he was the one who picked up her body and was rushing her to the hospital when she died in his arms.

For the past few months, there has been an upsure in not only domestic violence cases, but the number of women who were murdered by their partners. The issue of domestic violence is clearly one that needs a whole lot more attention than it is getting right now as many communities have been left weeping.

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