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First Lady launches Kitchen Garden Project.

First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar today launched her kitchen Garden project at state house.

She has set aside part of the lawns at state house and with some help has constructed a garden of fresh crops and vegetables. The project is aimed at getting youths more involved in agriculture. Under the project, students from schools in the area will be responsible for planting and maintaining the crops and they’ll be able to reap too. The first lady today told capitol news, planting and maintaining a garden is a healthy exercise and that is why she is committed to this project.

She told us too that she has a garden of her own that she has been maintaining for a number of years. She said though the project is starting off as a small one, she hopes it will encourage families to go back to the days of planting and a having a kitchen garden.
The project is being supported by a number of agriculture industries. First Lady Deolatchmee ramotar just after her husband had taken office, had promised to launch a gardening project at state house, the official house of the president. She intends to lift the scenery of the landscape through the project also.

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