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Local NGO efforts to fight the HIV/AIDS virus

The Guyana Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS is now in transition mode as the body finds it hard to continue to provide all of its services in the fight against the HIV virus due to the lack of funding.

According to Executive Director Suzanne French while the organisation may have some 30 private sector companies on board it does not mean they are all active. She said during this year maximising limited resources and restructuring of staff working hours are two of the major focus areas.
With the closure of the USAID project in March this year the Guyana Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS was one of several organisations whose funding was slashed. The opening hours of the secretariat’s testing site  has been reduced to 2 ½ days per week due to the lack of financial support.

Chairperson of the Board of Director  David Bhola said during last year the organisation was able to maintain the successful workplace and VCT programmes.
The Guyana Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS was established as an independent non-profit organisation on May 30, 2008 with a mission to mobilize and assist the private sector response to HIV/AIDS in the workplace and beyond.

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