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Impact of the budget cuts is being felt by specific agencies

The impact of those budget cuts is being felt by the specific agencies and the government may be more prepared now more than ever to sit down and talk with the opposition in an effort to trash out their differences and hopefully see how best everything could work out. Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon today when questioned about the future of the government information agency and whether staff members there will be relocated other agencies, said all ideas are on the table.

The opposition cut over $20 billion from the 2012 budget and those cuts targeted a number of agencies and programmes. The Ethnic relations commission, the government information agency, ncn and one of the programmes at the office of the president all had their budget allocations cut down to $1. The government may still be hoping for some compromise.

The opposition parties had indicated that they would revisit some of the cuts based on the government’s commitment to address some of the concerns they have about the same agencies. So far, both sides appear to be sticking to their guns.

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