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Phones, Marijuana and Cigarettes found in jailhouse raid.

Just when you thought that inmates housed at the Camp Street Jail were really out of the serving area, prison authorities and the police have realized that they may have been switching it up also.

Several cellphones, 15 cartons of cigarettes and at least 3 pounds of marijuana were seized when the police carried out surprise raids at the Camp Street jail. Since prisoners don’t go out shopping, police investigators want to know just how all of those banned items made it into the jail.
Police sources told capitol news that a probe may have to look at some prison officers. There have been cases in the past where prison officers were caught facilitating the movement of banned items into and through the camp street jail.
Police investigators believe there may be a ring that includes prison officers that would facilitate easy access to the items. In some cases relatives would bring the banned items in during visitation times and it would be handed over undetected. Almost everytime there is a prison raid, phones and in some cases even weapons would be found.
And the presence of the items has led to a number of violent incidents in the jailhouse. Just recently a prisoner was badly beaten by fellow inmates after they claimed that he informed prison authorities of the presence of a cellphone. The man’s relatives said there is no truth to the allegations.

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