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CANU Leads Airport Drug probe

The customs anti narcotics unit is playing the lead role in what they believe will see the breaking up of major drug ring at the cheddi jagan airport. As this newscast first reported on Friday Management at the Cheddi Jagan airport revoked the passes for at least 12 workers attached to various companies at the airport. The revocation of the passes has effectively banned the 12 persons access to most parts of the airport and many of them have been sent off by their company.

CANU sources today confirmed that the probe at the airport was launched following a number of cases of cocaine passing through the airport and attempts for cocaine to be shipped through the airport even with a number of new security systems in place. CANU is being assisted in the probe by the Guyana Police Force. Reports now state that 2 persons were initially pulled in and taken before the courts. The arrest of those 2 may have led to the provision of names of other persons to the airport management who might be looked at.

The airport took that advice and cancelled the passes for the 12 persons. Among the 12 are baggage handlers and ramp attendants. Meanwhile the investigation is also focusing on some of those shops located close to the airport’s fence, especially following that case of a bag of cocaine being discovered on the inside of the secured area of the airport in the bushes. The bag was apparently thrown over the fence close to the runway.

The airports management has been coming under pressure to step its monitoring in wake of several drug busts that took place overseas. The drug pushers in those cases were able to successfully penetrate all the layers of security at the airport. So concerned is airport’s management about the drug busts, it decided to bring one of its large baggage scanners to the check in section of the airport.

Just about 2 weeks ago a young man was able to ferry out over 6 pounds of cocaine in his bag. He was busted in New York. A few years back there was a case of a suitcase with 70 pounds of cocaine that made it past all the layers of security. The person carrying that suitcase was busted in the us and served jail time there. There has never been any local arrests in that particular case.

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