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New York authorities on the hunt for fugitive, Troy Thomas in Guyana

New York authorities on the hunt for fugitive in Guyana from Capitol News on Vimeo.

The extradition laws are expected to be tested again, if the authorities here apprehend a young man who is a murder suspect in a NY Richmond Hill killing. The suspect Troy Thomas is being hunted by the NYPD and a wanted bulletin has been issued for him in connection with the killing of 20-year-old Keith Frank last month in a flash of violence outside a South Richmond Hill party.
Frank who moved to Queens from Guyana when he was 12, died exactly two months before his 21st birthday after he was shot once in the torso at around 4:45 a.m. Dec. 11, according to the NYPD.
The NY Police Department began looking for the man named Troy Thomas in connection with the shooting. A wanted poster was placed in the lobby of the 106th Precinct.
The US law enforcement agents are working on information that Thomas within hours fled the jurisdiction and crossed over to Canada from New York State. In Canada, he used travel documents belonging to a relative and boarded a Caribbean Airlines flight arriving in Guyana in the early hours of the morning before the bulletin could reach the Interpol.
The Guyanese immigration officials admitted Thomas within 48 hours after the murder took place and the man is believed to have been staying a stone’s throw from a police outpost in South Georgetown. (Several years ago another murder suspect arrived in Guyana in similar fashion and stayed four doors away from the Alberttown Police Station.)
The murder suspect in this case of the killing of Frank, Troy Thomas is believed to have fled to the Corentyne area (where he has relatives) or neighboring Suriname after he learned that the US agents were hot on his trail.
Frank was attending a birthday party and ran into a group of other Guyanese men who were at odds with one of Frank’s friends over some young adolescent issues.
Thomas, who is wanted in connection with the killing, has not been formally charged with a crime. Guyana has not had a good history of returning suspects, fugitives and has in fact become a haven for persons fleeing other jurisdictions and in some cases living fairly high profile lives in this country.

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