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Guyana Police commissioner fingered in alleged sex scandal

A 34 year old mother of 2 is this evening making some serious allegations against Police Commissioner Henry Greene. The woman who is the wife of a Guyana Defence Force officer today shed tears as she claimed that she was forced into having sex with the police commissioner.

She provided details of the encounter and also provided the media with her cellphone records which showed calls being made to her phone from the police commissioner’s private cellphone number on several occasions after the incident. She claims that many of those calls were of a threatening nature. Police Commissioner Henry Greene when contacted today said he would have to seek legal advice before answering any questions with regard to the alleged incident. He told me that the allegations are very serious and so he would want to get the advice of his attorney and also speak to the woman’s attorney before saying much more. The woman has retained the services of attorney Nigel Hughes and late this afternoon, accompanied by Hughes she walked into the Brickdam Police station to file an official complaint against the commissioner.
Before heading across there, she recounted the alleged incident, saying that she met the commissioner while the police were investigating an incident involving another senior police officer, her husband and the policeman’s wife.

She said Greene had promised to look into the investigations for her and get back her cellphone which was seized by the police, but during one of the meetings with the commissioner she said she was instead driven by him in his private vehicle to a city hotel where she claimed he already had keys for the room and that’s where the alleged incident took place. Because of the nature of the case, the woman’s identity has been withheld.

The woman claimed that the top cop even brandished a gun and told her about the power he had as commissioner of police. She went into more details about the incident. She said she eventually told her husband about the encounter and visited two doctors for medicals. One doctor she said refused to become involved in the case when he heard who the allegations were being made against.

The incident she said took place just days before the elections. She said her attorney advised her to stop answering calls from the commissioner’s number. She also showed the media text messages that were sent from the same number.

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