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Guyana Police Force commissioner Henry Green on police actions

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With the Guyana Police being strongly criticized for its decision to open fire on a group of peaceful protestors with rubber bullets, police commissioner henry greene has broken his silence. The top cop today told capitol news that it was regrettable that the police had to resort to that type of action.

But still the commissioner said the force will not tolerate illegal marches. Permission was not granted and as such the march should not have taken place. A number of persons were badly injured when the police force called out its riot squad although there was no  riot.
A number of groups have slammed the police force for what they see as the force’s over reaction to a group of non threatening protestors. The Guyana Human Rights association said the force should have been more responsible. The police commissioner today said the human rights association should not just focus on the rights of those who were protesting.
Today some of the protestors returned to the streets but not marching this time. Instead they held a picket in front of the office of the Home Affairs ministry over the police force’s decision to use riot response tactics when there was no threat. Attorney and APNU candidate James bond who was among those injured during yesterday’s protest march said the police force could have handled the situation a whole lot better.

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