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Cocaine Out of GT Again

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The US agents following the drug trade out of Guyana know the method of operation so well that it does not take them long to pull in more couriers. Yesterday based on their knowledge of what happens in Guyana, the feds pulled in and charged Careem Chase Walsh for importing over 10 pounds of cocaine in a suitcase.

The agents pay particular attention to persons coming out of Guyana after August Holiday “tourist events” since a pattern has developed over the last decade that indicates there is a bump in the trade during that period.

In this extant case, Walsh arrived on a Caribbean Airlines flight BW 424 from Guyana that landed in New York on Monday night. According to court documents, he acknowledged ownership of one suitcase and had the key to that suitcase. Capitol News understands that the particular passenger checked in just one suitcase in Guyana. The 26 year old Careem Walsh is a US citizen but bought in ticket in Guyana.

The US agents when they probed the sides of his suitcase discovered what they say field tested positive for cocaine. The weight of the cocaine was just over 25 percent of the total weight of the suitcase.

Walsh was charged for the importation of narcotics. He was given a pretrial bail package of 50 thousand US dollars.

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