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18 Year Old Remanded to Prison for Waving Middle Finger at President’s Motorcade

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Relatives of an 18 year old young man were forced to go the high court to get his release after he was remanded to prison earlier this month by the Magistrate at Sparendaam Judy Latchman on a charge of provoking the breach of peace. The charge stemmed from allegations that the 18 year old Kevin Simon waved one of his middle fingers at a passing Presidential motorcade at the Ogle public road.
The presidential guards apparently saw the gesture and returned to the area later where he was arrested. When the young man first appeared in court he pleaded not guilty but was remanded to prison. He made a second appearance and was again remanded by the magistrate.
His relatives eventually moved to the high court and bail was granted in the sum of $5,000. By then the teenager had already spent close to 2 weeks in the jailhouse in the company of hardened criminals.
His relatives said he has told them that he never waved his middle finger at the president’s motorcade but they contend that even if he did, there must be something wrong with the local justice system when a magistrate would throw an 18 year old in the camp street jail for 2 weeks and prolong the case, especially when bail is granted to persons charged for much more serious offences. One relative said they could have warned him and even sentence him to some sort of community service rather than treat him like a common criminal.
His next court appearance will be on the 30th of this month, but many legal minds say they are bewildered by the charge and the decision to remand the teen. An attorney said the young man should not have been charged for provoking the breach of the peace and it’s a charge that cannot stand up in court taking into consideration what he has been accused of doing. It’s a waste of the courts time the attorney said and the young man should just have been warned rather than sent to the jail even if only on remand. The case made its way all up to the director of public prosecutions for advice.

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