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City Council Pays off Contractors

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The issue surrounding garbage collection may finally came to an end after the private contractors were today paid for their services after being owed over 70 million dollars for the last seven months.

Both contractors were expected to be back on the job as of today but only one contractor resumed its service which was Puran Brothers Disposal. Cevon Waste Management the other contractor was not prepared to return to work until the company received what was owed to them.

The companies for the past two weeks withdrew their services from City Hall pressuring the council to clear its account and even forcing them to do their own garbage collection.

Deputy Mayor, Robert Williams confirmed that the regular garbage collection should restart on Thursday. Williams even noted that he does not foresee a reoccurrence of City Hall being in such a position at least not for the rest of the year.

The Deputy Mayor noted that systems are being put in place to improve on the council’s revenue collection with support from the Local Government Ministry.

Puran Brothers Disposal after resuming its service with the council said its main focus will be to ensure that all waste from residents are collected to avoid further street dumping.

The City is divided into ten sections for garbage collection and the council will now be responsible for two sections while the other sections will be cleared by the private collectors.

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