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Assistant Police Commissioner Merai’s Revelations on Corruption

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The recent revelations about officers being involved in drug “runnings” are nothing new and the Assistant Commissioner who is making the revelations is not new to controversy either. What is also not new is the sequence of events that led to the revelations and the happenings to be expected after.

The sequence resembled a movie script. First introduce the players. A newspaper report, clearly quoting the person who is subject of the report, starts mentioning the players. The report stated that some police officers are protecting the drug underworld and drug dealers. A position that in the not too distant past the same individual who is reportedly making the allegations, was said to be involved in and had been part of the same black clothes squad.

The next move was to inform the international community to bring additional pressure on the force to change its perennial errant ways. Who better to inform than someone who has been in the belly of the beast from the Tom Carroll visa scam to the more recent Roger Khan saga.

Then the plot thickened by the next day the Guyana Police Force reported working on a major drug haul in religious paraphernalia. By the evening, news of the major drug bust had been released exactly what the International Community was informed about before.

Now after all of this has happened what may be expected is a reward for the hard work done. Who will be the fall Guys, the Protectors, Packagers, Producers and Couriers?

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