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City Hall now Able to Pay Contractors

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City residents will finally be able to put out their garbage as normal after City Hall is now in a position to pay its private garbage collectors. The garbage contractors have agreed to resume their collection from Wednesday.

Today City Hall received 120 million dollars which is part of the amount that was allocated to the council form central government. By Wednesday City Hall will clear an outstanding bill with the contractors of over 70 million dollars.

While the garbage collection services will be resumed City Hall has now taken on full responsible for clearing garbage at the various markets. The Ministry of Local Government has since teamed up with the municipality to work towards phasing out the councils dependence on private garbage contractors..

It has been two weeks since the garbage collectors withdrew their services which has resulted in garbage heaps all around the city as the council struggles to do its own collection.

Meanwhile, the deplorable condition of the Le Repentir Cemetery will also be addressed since a broad base committee was formed to begin work at the cemetery.

The Council was also given a separate 15 million dollar to help clean up the Le Repentir Cemetery in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works. For some time now many persons have complained about the condition of the cemetery and its neglect by the council.

When Capitol News visited the area the entire cemetery was taken over by over grown vegetation with the exception for the main passageways.

Maintenance of the cemetery has always been the responsibility of the council but due to its financial status much focus was not being given to the cemetery.

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