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Air Services Limited Sticking to its Decision to Buy Cheaper Fuel Outside of Ogle Airport

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Local airline company, Air Services Limited is sticking to its decision to source fuel from sources outside of the ogle Airport and the Caribbean aviation management services limited. Currently the airline is purchasing fuel from a company out of the Cheddi Jagain airport saying that it is saving over 300 dollars on every gallon and therefore has no reason to pay the higher price at ogle. The issue all escalated last week when an air services tanker was prevented from entering the ogle compound and the air services manager decided to drive thru the locked gate with the tanker full of fuel saying it’s like going home and not being able to enter your own house. Air Services wants to bring its own fuel in and says it has gotten approval from the trade ministry to do just that.
But officials at air services believe that they have been facing the problems at ogle because of competition. The same company selling fuel at ogle is linked to another airline which is in direct competition with air services and members of that company are also sitting on the board of the ogle airport. Annette Arjoon-Martins who is the flight operations manager at Air services said its an issue that must be addressed.

The company believes that it has been doing the good deed by offering lower fares to passengers and those fares could go even lower with cheaper fuel.

But could the company chose another method of getting the airport’s attention rather than ramming down and driving through the gates? The man who was at the steering wheel Captain Mazahar Ally offered an explanation.

The company has stated that since that incident, it has not gotten any barriers from entering the airport compound with its own fuel tankers.
The Ogle Airport claims that air services cannot bring in its own fuel because that would be outside of the airport’s rules. Air services is convinced that no such rules exist. By purchasing fuel from other local suppliers or importing its own, air services is saving itself over 15 million dollars per month. and the company authorized to sell fuel at ogle would be losing an 80 million dollars per month contract. That’s according to air services.

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