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NCN Pulls the Plug on Radio Drama Merundoi

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In a more than strange move, the state owned National Communications Network has decided to pull the plug on the radio serial drama Merundoi. The move according to NCN’s programme director Martin Goolsaraan may be a temporary one as NCN is currently engaging the producers of the show over its content.

At issue. Merundoi dealing with issues surrounding the elections and pushing a message of racial tolerance and harmony.

Just a few weeks back, Merundoi received a grant from the United States government to incorporate messages of harmony and peace in its radio programmes as Guyana prepares for elections. And so for the past few episodes on the programme which really pushes the message of HIV and AIDS, the characters have also been dealing with the need for there to be peace and harmony during the elections period.

Additionally some episodes also highlighted the need to break down the race barrier when voting and rather vote on issues.

NCN was apparently not happy with those messages and decided that the messages dealing with elections in Guyana are not in keeping with the station’s policy of broadcasting and should not be aired regardless of the positive nature of the messages.

NCN pulled the programme from the air and now says it is reviewing the programme and its content. Capitol news understands that the publicity office at the office of the president may have also had some say in the decision to move merundoi from the air.

Merundoi has been on the air for over 5 years and is one of the most successful and popular programmes on local radio. It enjoys strong support from the international community, other local ngo’s and the local business community.

In fact its messages over the years have been featured across the world as a way of highlighting many topical issues relating to hiv and aids and other issues of concern to young people. The programme is also very popular in the hinterland community. In fact in some villages, village leaders would host listening and discussion events whenever the programme is on.

NCN operates the only radio station in this dear land of 83,000 square miles.

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