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Reports Indicate that Caribbean Airlines Crash Possibly Pilot’s Fault

The pilots and crew of the crashed Caribbean Airlines flight BW 523, left Guyana this afternoon after they were all interviewed by local civil aviation, the US NTSB and other investigators of the early Saturday morning plane crash at the Cheddi Jagan airport.

Sources close to the investigation have said that pilot described in some detail what really took place. Reports indicate that he may have landed wrong and not at the point he should have.

Reports state the pilot landed the aircraft midway on the runway when he should have landed it much earlier. Those reports corroborate eyewitness accounts. Some persons who were waiting in the viewing gallery said the plane came in at an unusual speed and they were surprised that it landed close to the center of the runway in line with the viewing gallery.

Passengers on board the aircraft also told capitol news that the plane never slowed down on its approach to the airport and landed with the same speed. Because of the speed at which the aircraft was landed, it may have become difficult for the pilot to effectively apply the brakes and trying to turn the speeding aircraft away from the end of the runway could have been even more catastrophic and could have resulted in the jetliner tipping over. Aviation specialists said he clearly had no choice but to hold and allow the aircraft to bring itself to a stop.

The flight attendants on board also provided statements about the entire flight, the approach to the airport and the landing.

There were reports in the Trinidadian press which quoted the pilots family as saying that he told them that there was a problem with visibility and lighting at the runway.

Local authorities have shot that down saying visibility at the time was more than enough for landing and all of the airport’s runway lights were in operation and working well.

Additionally, sources at the Meteorological office point out that at the time of the landing there was just a light shower and it was clear night with no fog.

Capitol News understands that some of the passengers will be questioned by the investigators about what really happened on board the flight from Trinidad to Guyana.

The Caribbean airlines 737 aircraft overshot the runway ending up through the fence and coming to a halt just at a ravine running onto the nearby roadway. All 163 persons on board walked away from the crash. Just 3 of them were hospitalized.

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