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NTSB Officials Begin Probe

The US federal investigators from the National transportation and safety board will focus over the next forty eight hours on what the pilot of the ill fated Boeing 737 may have done or may not have done that resulted in the crash. They are expected to interview the pilot, Captain Fareed Dean who has been with Caribbean airlines and its predecessor BWIA for over two decades.

The focus on the pilot comes as a result of both passenger accounts and onlooker reports of the type of landing that ended in the Caribbean Airlines jet careening off the runway and ending up nose down on a dirt road at the perimeter of the CJIA.

The NTSB officials flew into the country Sunday afternoon and went straight to work at the crash site. They began their inspections taking photographs of the aircraft’s damaged engines, the fuselage and tail along with focusing on the wing. There are concerns that several factors may have contributed to the crash including whether all the required parts of the plane were functioning optimally to ensure a smooth landing and movement to the gate.

Aviation Sources have told Capitol News that an instrument-landing system is needed at the CJIA. It helps pilots land by giving them more precise readings of their angle of descent and the position of the aircraft down to 200 feet. It is especially helpful when there is low visibility.

According to the Associated Press, officials and aviation experts cautioned that it was too early to say whether the lack of the systems was a factor in crash.

Intelcan, a Canadian company, is installing an instrument-landing system at Cheddi Jagan International Airport as part of a $3.5 million upgrade in pilot aids. According to the AP Guyana’s civil aviation director Zulfikar Mohamed said the changes should be operational soon.

Upon arrival at the CJIA the NTSB investigators had a preliminary briefing with the Transport Minister, Civil Aviation and Security Officials. The Investigators have retrieved the “Black Box” from the Boeing aircraft and will take it back to Washington DC for analysis.

But so far Guyana’s transport Minister Robeson Benn is not quite ready to reveal what the National Transportation and Safety Board investigators are saying. They are likely to be in Guyana until Thursday of this week and file a preliminary report by the weekend.

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