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Weather may not have Played a Role in Caribbean Airlines Crash

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As the investigators get down to their work looking for clues that will help to explain what may have led to the crash of BW 523, aviation sources have said that the weather may have played no part.

At the time of the jetliner’s landing just after 1:30 am, there was light rainfall in the Timehri area after an early evening of heavy showers. But there was no heavy presence of fog at the time and visibility was 8 kilometers which aviation experts and officials say is more than enough for a good landing.

Usually when airlines head into Guyana in bad weather, they would usually head out back to Trinidad or circle the airport until visibility would have cleared up. There have been several cases of flights being forced to divert.

And at Guyana’s main international airport there have been a few incidents involving commercial jets that created some worry.

Just in April of this year, A Caribbean Airlines flight was forced to return to Guyana moments after take off when a bird strike caused damage to the blades of one of the engines of the aircraft. The pilot returned and landed safely.

And Six years ago and ironically also in the month of July, there was concern in the aviation industry when a Universal airlines flight landed in bad weather and foggy conditions at the airport although being warned by air traffic to divert to an alternate destination. The pilot of that Universal flight had explained that there was not enough fuel. His landing was rough but there was no problem. The carrier went out of business not too long after that incident.

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