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Passengers Tell Their Story Of Saturday’s Caribbean Airline Accident

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And the stories of survival and the human spirit continue to come as passengers paste together the pieces of Saturday’s Caribbean airlines accident.

A west coast Berbice family thought it was all over when the aircraft hit the ground at what they considered an unusual speed. 33 year old Priya Pestano was on the flight with her mom and two nieces, all returning home to Guyana to celebrate the birthday of one of the nieces. Priya said from the time the aircraft landed, she knew something was wrong.

Her mom, 53 year old Indrawtee Ross said for some strange reason just before the plane landed, she had a feeling that something was going to happen.

When the plane eventually stopped the Priya exited through one emergency exit, her mom and two nieces through another. They couldn’t find each other long side the dark bushy area where the plane had crashed and their emotions ran high.

The family as part of their 3 week vacation had planned a trio to Suriname and another to the Kaieteur falls. Those two trips are now in question.

This evening the family is just thankful for life. Minus the bruises and small cuts they sustained, they said they are doing just fine, so much so that they were thinking of visiting the scene of the crash, but Priya said she is not ready for that just yet.

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