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PPP Supporter Ed Ahmad knew the Feds were on to Him?

New details are emerging in the case of well known Guyanese in the NY Tri-state area and PPP/C supporter/ financier Ed Ahmad.

U.S. Court documents reveal that Ahmad must have known that the Feds were on to him when in the same week that the New York District Court unsealed documents about a Guyanese man Premraj Hansraj, Ahmad sought to leave the jurisdiction. Ahmad went to the Delta Airline counter the day after and tried to get on a flight to Guyana. Hansraj is a co-conspirator of Ahmad and was arrested in El Paso County Texas last week.

The Premraj Hansraj documents that were unsealed in NY dealt with nearly the same charges that Ahmad is accused of. The Federal documents state that over the last decade several persons were in a ring that defrauded others through various mortgages and loan companies. Ahmad, his wife and Hansraj were in that ring according to the court documents. Significantly Hansraj was allowed out a bail package of one thousand US while Ahmad had a package of two point five million US dollars.

According to Ahmad’s supporters Ahmad was approached by the Feds as he was checking into a Delta Airlines flight. They were attempting to debunk a story that Ahmad was taken off the plane at JFK. He was in the custody of the Feds who took him from the Queens Airport to a Manhattan office. Ahmad retained an attorney and made a court appearance two days after Hansraj was arrested in Texas.

Ahmad’s supporters admitted that he Ahmad was a proud supporter of the PPP but the PPP in a statement issued in Georgetown has attacked local media who reported Ahmad as “associate” and “financier” of the party.

Several other Guyanese have been charged under the task force set up by President Obama to investigate financial irregularities in the United States. Most of them including US based Guyanese attorneys were jailed both at the state and federal levels for mortgage scams and financial irregularities.

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