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Can The Scout Association be the Answer to Violence in Schools?

Violence in schools has always been a major challenge for the Education Ministry and the ministry is yet to develop a comprehensive plan or programme to fully tackle the problem.

But the Scout Association of Guyana believes that the organization could be the answer to curb the increase of violence in schools particularly among students. The association is of the opinion that it could change the behavior pattern of young people within the country’s school system.

Chief Scout, Ron Robertson said over the last few years it has been found that schools with scout associations have lower cases of student violence because of the discipline that the scout movement advocates.

The Scout Association of Guyana has moved to increase its adult members since the body has reached its maximum membership level. But it can only expand its membership level once there is greater adult supervision.

The association’s Chief Commissioner pointed out that the organization is not just about camping but equipping young people with skills for life.

The Scout Association of Guyana has existed for over one hundred and two years. Guyana was the first country in the Caribbean where scouting was established and the second in South America.

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